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General Interest:Fractals

Fractals are mathematical objects that typically have the following characteristics
  1. a fine structure (detail on abitrarily small scales)
  2. too irregular to be described in traditional geometrical language, both locally and globally
  3. has some form of self-similarity, perhaps approximate or statistical
  4. its "fractal dimension" is greater than its topological dimension
  5. is defined in a very simple way, perhaps recursively.
Fractals often are associated with natural objects, such as the branchings of a tree, or the tributaries of a stream. A great deal has been written about fractals, and there are several web sites that deal exclusively with fractals (see our list of images on the web).



1. [Amoeba Fractal] 2. [An aperiodic tiling] 3. [Antoine's Necklace] 4. [Arbitrary substitution tiling]

  1. Amoeba Fractal
  2. An aperiodic tiling
  3. Antoine's Necklace
  4. Arbitrary substitution tiling
1. [Brot Cheese Fractal] 2. [DodecaFoam!  First Stellation] 3. [DodecaFoam!  Second Stellation] 4. [DodecaFoam!  Third Stellation]
  1. Brot Cheese Fractal
  2. DodecaFoam! First Stellation
  3. DodecaFoam! Second Stellation
  4. DodecaFoam! Third Stellation
1. [DodecaFoam!] 2. [Garden at Midday] 3. [Garden at Sunset] 4. [Nebula Fractal]
  1. DodecaFoam!
  2. Garden at Midday
  3. Garden at Sunset
  4. Nebula Fractal
1. [Plants on Island in Water] 2. [Three Ring Circus] 3. [Variety of Flowering Plants]
  1. Plants on Island in Water
  2. Three Ring Circus
  3. Variety of Flowering Plants

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